The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Jocelyn McCauley

The Ironman champ shares her funny stories, insight into what drives her, and how she got here.

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This week we talk to Jocelyn McCauley. The Ironman champ is, in some ways, best known for almost beating Wold Champion Daniela Ryf last year at Ironman Texas. We talk about that and what it takes to believe you’re as good as anyone in the world—plus how she went from Kona amateur champ in just her second Ironman ever to top ten in the pro field.

You can read our 2015 story about her back when she was a nurse and age-group athlete.

We talk about how she and her husband weighed the pros and cons of going pro, how she involves her daughter in her training, and the role her faith plays in her life. Jocelyn is Mormon and doesn’t race on Sundays—even when that means skipping the 70.3 World Championships. We talk about why she made that decision and what kind of response she gets in the sport. Plus, stereotypes, trash talking, and having fun.

Hope you enjoy!

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