The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Bob Babbitt Remembers Everything

This week is all about the Big Island and what we're missing in Kona.

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This week would have been the week we all gathered on the Big Island for the Ironman World Championships. With Kona canceled, we’re looking back instead of the 42 years of the event with the sport’s de facto historian Bob Babbitt. Bob has been at every race since he did one of the first Ironman events back in 1980. He remembers all of his favorite moments and he tells us how the sport has changed (and how it hasn’t!) over the years. You can listen to Breakfast With Bob and Bob’s other interviews here.

Plus, our editors share their favorite Kona moments. Share your’s with us too. We’re looking back at everything that shapes Kona.

And be sure to vote in our King & Queen of Kona bracket for who’s the best athlete of all time.

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