Swim Training: 3 Quick Kick Tips

Sara McLarty recommends these three tips for helping you get a better kick in the water.

1. Watch other swimmers in the pool.

Look at their lower body above and below the water. Observe the fluid motion of their legs, the cadence and tempo of the kick and the position of their body along the surface. Notice how the powerful action starts at the hip, flows through the leg and finishes with pointed toes.

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2. Emulate fast, strong kickers.

Dedicate a few minutes in the pool to testing your observations. Discover what gives you forward movement and what does not.

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3. Mix up your kick.

Kick with fins to help build ankle flexibility and stronger muscles. Kick on your back to change the view and confirm your knees are not bending and exiting the water. Kick strong during drills like catch-up and six-kick switch to improve the connection between your upper and lower body.

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