Are You Paying Attention to This Part of Your Core?

Your back is part of your core, but are you focusing on keeping it strong?

When you hear “back pack” do you automatically think of the aches and pains that came with carrying your life on your shoulders? Just because you’re no longer lugging around a day’s worth of school books, doesn’t mean you get to neglect the important core muscles that reside on your backside! Back muscles are overstretched and sore from our sedentary round shouldered lifestyles, and are overlooked by most core exercises that only focus on six pack abs. Next time you want to strengthen your core, back track with this functional strength routine and train your muscles to stabilize your spine in neutral.

Back it Up

1. Start with your feet parallel and wide apart.
2. Tilt your torso forward until it is parallel to the floor.
3. Keeping your knees slightly bent, stick your butt out behind.
4. Engage your core by lifting your low belly and knitting your front ribs together.
5. Reach your arms forward with palms facing each other while drawing your shoulder blades toward each other.
6. Hold for 5+ deep breaths as you concentrate on maintaining a long, neutral spine.

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