Rinny Recovers Year-Round (And You Should, Too)

“My success in triathlon is reflective of my approach to recovery.”

The off-season is in full swing at Mirinda Carfrae’s home, but that doesn’t mean the three-time Ironman world champion is just chilling. As she reflects on her 2019 season, she’s also taking steps to enter her 2020 season physically and mentally refreshed, while continuing to cross-train so that she is primed for a strong start to the year. That’s why recovery, in all its forms, is a priority in the months of November and December.

“My success in triathlon is reflective of my approach to recovery,” says Carfrae. “Daily, I’m calculated with making sure I get the nutrition I need to replenish and recover, make sure I am getting plenty of sleep and rest, and then time in my NormaTec boots. I also schedule a few sessions each week with a physical trainer to stay stretched. Recovery is my secret weapon so regardless if it’s after a hard session, a race or a long season—recovery is key. It’s been instrumental with both NormaTec and Chocolate Milk to drive home the importance of making your recovery count.”

Even when she scales back on training load and volume in the off-season, these elements of recovery are ever-present in Carfrae’s daily routine. As a mother to toddler Izzy, Carfrae knows it’s easy to get sidetracked in the chaos of the day, so she makes it a point to create a family schedule—alongside her work schedule and Izzy’s playdates, you’ll find training and recovery penciled in: “Especially with Izzy, I need to be efficient with my time. If I don’t schedule it, it won’t get done. I even schedule naps.”

It might sound complicated, but Carfrae laughs it off. Like most moms, she has mastered multitasking. “Izzy knows that when I’m hooked into my NormaTec, she can grab a book and read with me.” This is a benefit to mom, as well: “The body can’t tell the difference between mental and physical stress, so anything I can do to help my body recover is worth time in my day. I make recovery time in the NormaTec a chance to take care of both body and mind, by catching up with family and friends or reading with Izzy. I’ll take advantage of the NormaTec before bed and do my holiday shopping online. Now that’s a luxury, especially if my husband, T.O., is willing to fill my wine glass so I don’t have to get up!”

For Carfrae, recovery isn’t down time—it’s actively gaining time back. Because she prioritizes recovery in the off-season, she’s not only fresh for her day-to-day activities, but she enters her base training for the next season with a clean slate, mentally and physically.

“Staying balanced is key,” says Carfrae. “You need to be recovering with the same intent you approach your training. If you don’t take care of yourself, injury and overuse will catch up to you.”

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