Weekend Swim Workout: Aquatic Adventure

This week's set is full of funky movements that will prepare you for the unpredictable reality of an open-water swim.

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Though you might get some stares at the pool, it’ll be worth the spectacle when you crush your next race.

300 – 500 warm-up with no walls (1)
4 – 10 x 50 swim with 15 seconds of HARD kick against the wall between each 50
6 – 12 x 25 non-free with 6 pop-ups (2) between each
300 – 600 pull as 25 right arm only/25 left arm only/100 regular pull
4 – 10 x 50 with 15 seconds rest (streamline kick underwater as far as you can off every wall)
6 – 12 x 25 swim (climb out of the pool and dive/jump back in between each 25)
300 – 600 as 25 kick/25 sailboat (3)/100 swim
4 – 10 x 50 with 15 seconds rest (alternate one dolphin dive (4) and one somersault (5) on each 25)
2-3 sets of 4 x 25 with 10 seconds rest (increase stroke count(6))
50 frog-on-a-lily-pad (7)
100 choice cool-down
Total: 2,150 – 4,250

1. No Walls: Turn at the “T” or about 4 feet before you reach the wall.

2. Pop-Ups: Face the wall and place both hands on the top of the edge of the pool. Push up and out of the water until your arms are fully extended and then drop back down into the water.

3. Sailboat: Hold the kickboard between your thighs with half of it underwater. Use your core muscles to keep up hip rotation while the board fights it.

4. Dolphin Dive: Swim to the middle of the pool, and dive down to the bottom. Plant your feet on the bottom, then push back up towards the surface to continue swimming.

5. Somersault: This drill will make sure that you can flip all the way over and continue swimming (like getting hit by a wave). Swim to the middle of the pool, and complete a 360-degree somersault in the water. Make sure to exhale out of your nose!

6. Increase Stroke Count: Increase your stroke count by one stroke 1-4 each set, returning to normal on the first 25 of each set.

7. Frog-On-A-Lily-Pad: Sit on a kickboard, hold it between your legs, and use your arms to move forward using a breaststroke-pulling motion.