Member Q&A Video: How to Stage A Comeback with Matt Fitzgerald

What can we learn from top athletic comebacks? And how can you stage a comeback in your own life?

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A good comeback makes a great story. On Dec. 9, journalist Matt Fitzgerald joined us to share stories of top athletic comebacks from his new book, The Comeback Quotient, and give everyone some tools (and inspiration) on how to stage your own comeback in sports or life.

Watch the video of his Q&A below—and get 15% off the book, The Comeback Quotient, with the code “comeback.”

  • How do you make a comeback?
  • Is there a special quality shared by top athletes who triumph over great challenges?
  • And can anyone acquire those skills?

Through interviewing top athletes from all kinds of sports, Fitzgerald identifies mega-achievers of astounding athletic comebacks as “ultrarealists,” men and women who succeed where others fail by fully accepting, embracing, and addressing the reality of their situations. And, yes, you can become an ultrarealist too—to a degree.

Matt Fitzgerald is the author of the bestseller ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’ and many other books on sports, nutrition, and mental performance. His writing has appeared in numerous sports and fitness publications, including Triathlete, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Outside, Runner’s World, Bicycling, PodiumRunner, and Women’s Running.

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