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In Case You’ve Forgotten, 70.3 Season Starts Soon

Race day is closer than you think. Are you ready? Our expert guides can help...

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Last weekend’s race at Clash Miami was more than an exciting spin (or 17) around a racetrack. It also served as a reminder to a lot of us that the North America triathlon season is about to get really busy, really fast. In fact, Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, often regarded as the kickoff to the season, is only two weeks away, and if you’re not racing, you’re definitely going to be watching the livestream.

But if you’re like most triathletes, the livestream will be equal parts inspiring, exciting, and anxiety-inducing. Nothing sets off a bout of panic training like realizing your planned 70.3 is only a few months away. All that big training you were planning on doing over the winter? Yeah, about that…

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Below, we’ve compiled our best resources for 70.3 triathletes to help get you in tip-top shape for your big day. And if you don’t have one planned, but you’re interested in diving into 70.3 training, you can start here too!

70.3 Training Resources
(Photo: Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images)

70.3/Half-Iron Training Plans

Triathlete’s Complete Guide to Training for a Half-Iron/70.3 Triathlon

Start with this guide, which will serve as a condensed version of everything you need to know about training for a 70.3 (and we mean everything). It’s also loaded with links, so if you’ve got a question about something specific, the answer is just a click away.

A 20-Week Training Plan for Your First 70.3 Triathlon

If your new year’s resolution is to do your first 70.3, this is our most popular training plan. It’s 20 weeks long – in other words, if you start today, you’ll be ready for the big show in August – and has helped thousands of triathletes cross the finish line of their very first race.

10 Weeks to Your Best 70.3

On a shorter timeline to your “A” race? This 10-week course from coach Jim Vance will not only walk you through the training, but also the particulars to pull off an amazing race. Vance covers everything from pacing to open-water skills, helping you to feel confident and ready to rock.

Preparing for your 70.3 swim

Three Essential Half-Iron Swim Workouts

These three swim workouts place a unique focus on the technique and strength to conquer the 70.3 swim leg.

Triathlete’s Guide To Going From Pool To Open Water

Don’t let your race day be the first time you swim in open water! Our guide for going from pool to open water will tell you everything you need to know when making the switch.

Ask A Gear Guru: How In The #$*& Do I Put On A Triathlon Wetsuit?

In other words: Don’t let race day be the first time you put on your wetsuit. Too many things could go wrong – that new suit could be too big, that old suit could be too small, or you might discover there’s a rip someplace where you really, really don’t want to discover a rip before you start your freezing-cold open-water swim.

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Preparing for your 70.3 bike

3 Essential 70.3 Bike Workouts

These three bike workouts for half-iron training will build the skills and endurance needed to conquer the 70.3 bike leg.

The Ultimate Half-Ironman Brick Workout

Triathlon is about stringing together swim, bike, and run, after all – so put your legs through the paces with this brick workout for 70.3 prep. (Not sure what a brick is? Learn more here: Get to Know the Brick Workout).

5 Weeks to Your Fastest 70.3 Bike Split

Maybe you’ve already been checking the boxes on your training plan over the winter, but you’re looking to sharpen your bike speed a bit. We’ve got a plan for that.

A Half-Ironman (70.3) Nutrition Plan

Your new dedication to training should also include a dedication to nutrition – specifically, dialing in what you’re going to eat and drink on race day. Experiment with gels, bars, and chews to find what works for you when it comes to keeping your tank topped off. (And if you’re looking for a meal plan for what to eat outside of training, we’ve got that, too: A 3-Week Meal Plan for Triathletes in 70.3 Training)

It’s Time to Learn to Fix a Flat Tire

Nobody plans to have a flat tire on race day, and yet it happens. A lot. Unlike a sprint race, where you’re almost always within walking distance of transition, getting a flat tire during a 70.3 means you either need to fix it (fast) or wait for a painfully long time until race support comes along. Every second counts – don’t you want to make the most of yours? Learn how to fix a flat tire, and if you’ve already learned, practice anyway – you won’t regret it.

Preparing for your 70.3 run

Three Essential 70.3 Run Workouts

We’ve put together three 70.3 specific workouts that address strength, speed, and race-specific tempo from one expert coach.

5 Steps to Perfect Run Form

Speed and endurance are important, but technique is king. To get better run form while you train for your 70.3, use this skill ladder to focus on individual elements of running technique.

Race (Don’t Just Survive) The Run

Racing a 70.3 involves a certain kind of optimism – you want to believe that the paces you’ll run on fresh legs in training will also be the paces you’ll run on race day. The reality is…well, not usually that. If it’s your first race (or if the conditions are brutal), you might be surprised to see how quickly your run out of T2 devolves to a shuffle. There’s no shame in walking (in fact, a planned run-walk method can be a solid strategy) but if your goal is to have a strong 13.1 miles, a bit of preparation is required.

Recovery for 70.3 training

Dear Coach: How Should I Plan My Recovery Days?

The longer your race, the more important recovery becomes. This advice from coach Marilyn Chychota will help you recover right.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A 70.3?

Here’s the thing – once you finish a 70.3, you’re going to want to do it again. (It’s just how it is.) To make it a good experience, make sure you recover fully before starting on to the next one.

Triathlete’s 2023 Guide to the Best 70.3 and Half-Iron Races in the U.S.A.

We’re just going to leave this one here – whether you’re looking for first race or a next race, you really can’t go wrong with these.

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