How Race Day Makes You A Better Year-Round Triathlete

REV3 Triathlon has teamed up with Quarq to offer you a chance to share your triathlon passion on race day with family, friends and fans.

This summer as you build up to your “A” race, take a few moments to appreciate the day itself. Beyond the adrenaline rush and bragging rights, consider these four ways that race day makes you a better triathlete throughout the year.

Maintain Focus On Your Triathlon Goals

A dedicated race provides focus during those unending months of balancing work obligations and personal life with your goals as a triathlete. You can’t change when the triathlon happens, so its date is a defined, written-in-permanent-ink milestone in your year.

Whatever race or races you choose for your triathlon season, its date will determine your training plan, social calendar and family commitments.

For some triathletes, race day is a convenient and legitimate reason—more so than physical benefits of training—for declining invitations or skipping dessert. Late Friday night? Can’t. Long ride Saturday morning for next month’s race.

Expose You To The Latest Gear & Technology

Race day is your best opportunity to see all of the different gear currently used by triathletes. Especially for new competitors, race day is a never-ending conveyor belt of different wetsuits and goggles, bikes and wheels, shoes and sunglasses. You also have the chance to get candid feedback from other athletes about their gear.

Athlete expos with their vendor booths, tables and tents also showcase the latest developments in triathlon gear and technology, often at a discounted price. You have the chance to squeeze the cushion of a just-released saddle or try on a running shoe with high-tech lace system (for your next triathlon!)

For instance, Quarq is making its new Quarq Race Intelligence (QRI) and Qollector device available at six REV3 triathlon expos this summer. After its debut as the official live tracking device for the pros at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii last year, the Qollector will be available for REV3 competitors who want to collect and share their race data in real-time. This will be the first time that the Quarq technology will be available to age-group athletes anywhere.

Tucked inside a pocket or dedicated race belt, the rugged and waterproof device pairs with the triathlete’s power meter, heart rate strap and/or foot pod. The Qollector continuously transmits the athlete’s course location, race position, power, speed and heart rate data to a special race website and leaderboard that family and friends, in turn, follow during the race.

Quarq Race Intelligence and Qollector are just one example of the newest technology triathletes can discover on race day.

Share Your Joy With Your Fans

Though you are out there on the course, plenty of people need to be thanked for their support that allowed you to train and race. You may be dedicating your race journey to someone experiencing a life’s challenge or raising charitable dollars to support a cause. Deep down, you know that triathlon is really a team sport.

Race day lets you show your gratitude to others who make your triathlon journey possible and meaningful.

Plan in advance a thank you dinner after the race for your spouse, children, siblings and/or buddies who have patiently accommodated your training and mood swings. With more competitors traveling to triathlons around the country, send a brief video to thank family and friends at home so they see your post-race glow.

Better yet, family, friends, teammates and coaches of a triathlete using Quarq’s Qollector can follow their race progress in real time on an online map. On race day, fans can then see how well the triathlete is climbing a hill or pacing on the run by going to the link via a computer, tablet or smartphone. The Qollector can also assist family and coaches following multiple athletes competing in the same triathlon.

“QRI will add a new dimension to the REV3 Triathlon,” said Quarq founder Jim Meyer. “Whether it’s family back home, or trackside fans who want to cheer you on as you pass, the people you care about will know where you are and how you’re doing.”

Remember, your friends listened to your stories about the training sessions devoted to tackling the course. They want to cheer as you finally do it, and watching your time and progression along the course will let that happen.

Inspire You For The Next Race

As you pack up your gear and push your bike out of transition, don’t let the present moment and what you accomplished be overshadowed by thoughts about the next competition.

Take a pic of your post-race transition area as a visual reminder. Make a mental note about how you were helped (or hurt) by your hydration and nutrition. Did you start out easy as on planned on the bike? What happened in the final mile of the run?

On race day evening, download and review the data for each leg of your race. Check out photos taken by your fans at the race, and begin to outline your race report.

While the medal earned on race day is important, so are the experiences—for you and your fans—that make you a better triathlete year round.

REV3 Triathlon has teamed up with Quarq to offer you a chance to share your triathlon passion on race day with family, friends and fans. Quarq’s new tracking system, Quarq Race Intelligence, and its Qollector will be available to competitors in six REV3 triathlons this summer: Knoxville, TN on May 22; Quassy, CT on Jun 4-5; Williamsburg, VA on July 10; Pocono Mountains, PA on Aug. 7; Maine on Aug. 28; and Cedar Point, OH on Sept. 10-11. Race day rentals are $39. Reserve yours in advance now at, or rent one at the Quarq tent before the race.