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Hawaii From Home: Tyler Butterfield’s Tips for Biking 112 Miles

Make sure you find fun things to get you motivated and pull you out of the bad patches that inevitably come during a long ride.

The Bermudan Olympian has been 5th at Kona and is known for his bike prowess, cycling to multiple wins in his career. Here he shares some suggestions on how to tackle the 112-mile bike leg of the Hawaii From Home challenge—though these tips can be applied to a regular race too:

  • Plan your route in advance, whether flat and fast or trying to mimic Kona-like conditions
  • Stick with your power and effort numbers, so you can finish strong—save a little bit for the last hour of the ride
  • Stay positive! (It’s easier said than done, which is when fun snacks and treats can keep you motivated)

Good luck!