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Hawaii From Home: Lauren Brandon’s Tips For Swimming 2.4 Miles

The super-swimmer shares some ways to ace your long-distance swim.

Lauren Brandon has been first out of the water at Kona and at nearly every race she’s competed in. Plus, she’s gone on to win wire-to-wire. So she knows a thing or two about what it takes to nail the first leg of a triathlon.

Here she shares some suggestions on how to tackle the 2.4-mile swim leg of the Hawaii From Home challenge—though these tips can be applied to a regular race too:

  • How to pace appropriately—start strong and settle into a comfortable sustainable effort, and then pick it up at the end
  • Focus on technique in the middle, specifically whatever little technique issues you struggle with
  • Don’t spread it out too much—try to get this Hawaii From Home swim done in one to three sessions

Good luck!