Get Ready For Hawaii From Home With These Weekly Workouts

Five elite coaches will be helping to guide you through your prep for race week.

Congrats on signing up and getting ready for our Hawaii From Home virtual challenge. (If you haven’t signed up yet, you still can. Take the challenge—140.6 miles from Oct. 5-11—and get cool swag, raffle prizes, and athlete-only race prep. Register here.)

To help you get ready to complete the swim-bike-run, we have some elite coaches lined up to provide *key* workouts that build over the training block. Each coach will provide a weekly key strength, swim, bike, run, or brick workout to get in—progressing over the next six weeks to race week. One big caveat: these are just the key sessions, however, you should also be swimming, biking, and running 2-3 additional times/week.

If you’re just getting back in the pool, you can also check out our guide to returning to swimming.

Meet your coaches for Hawaii From Home:

  • Erin Carson, owner of Rally Sport in Boulder, is the strength and conditioning coach for a number of pro athletes and triathletes
  • Former pro triathlete and silver medalist at the swimming world championships, Sara McLarty will be guiding you through your swim workouts
  • National British cycling champion, Matt Bottrill now coaches pro cyclists and triathletes—and will be coaching your bike
  • Olympian and elite running & triathlon coach Ryan Bolton will lead your key run workouts
  • Six-time Kona champ Dave Scott will cover your brick workouts and bring you some tips before race week.

We’ll be posting the weekly workouts here so you can refer to them, in addition to emailing them out to registered athletes each weekend so you can plan your upcoming week. Good luck and get training! Share your workouts with us using the hashtag #hawaiifromhome

If you have any additional questions, check out our FAQ page or reach out to us.