4 Swim Sets For 70.3 Training

These 2,000–2,500-yard sets from Sara McLarty are designed to improve the swim at your next half-Ironman.

These 2,000–2,500-yard sets are designed to improve the swim at your next half-Ironman. Each set replicates the speed changes, distance and other factors that you may face in the 1.2-mile swim. Add one set to your quality swim session each week. Record your times and paces to track your progress.

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Warm up and cool down sufficiently on your own.

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Set 1

– 5×100 fast with 10 sec rest
– 3×500 as 250 smooth/250 strong with 30 sec rest
– 4×50 pull with ankle band only (no paddles) with 15 sec rest

Set 2

– 400 sprinting every fourth 25, no walls with 20 sec rest
– 4×400 pull descend time from 1–4 with 20 sec rest

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Set 3

Do 8x each, in order:
– 50 kick fast with 10 sec rest
– 100 swim strong, no walls with 10 sec rest
– 150 swim smooth, mid-race effort with 30 sec rest

Set 4

– 6×50 swim as 25 fast/25 easy with 10 sec rest
– 6×100 pull as 50 fast/50 easy with 15 sec rest
– 6×200 swim as 25 Tarzan Drill*/75 swim x2 with 30 sec rest

*Swim with your head above the water the whole 25.

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