Fitter & Faster Podcast: Triathlete Editors’ Roundtable

Three of Triathlete's editors enjoy a lively discussion about common mistakes, challenges, and misconceptions of our sport.

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Episode 8 of Fitter & Faster sees Triathlete Magazine’s editor-in-chief Kelly O’Mara and senior editor Chris Foster join host Emma-Kate Lidbury for a Triathlete Editors’ Roundtable. The trio—who between them have more than 50 years’ experience in the sport—discuss some key triathlon topics from both an athlete perspective as well as an editorial one: What are the most common questions we receive from readers? What are the biggest mistakes made? What were our biggest mistakes? We also discuss some of the greatest challenges triathletes face, such as time management, nutrition, and injury prevention—and give some insights into how we’ve learned to tackle these.

Throughout the show, there are a number of articles we reference, which you can find here:

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