Fitter & Faster Podcast: Ryan Bolton on the Art of Coaching

Coach and Olympian Ryan Bolton talks about the art and science of coaching—and how to run faster in triathlon.

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In episode five of Fitter & Faster, coach Ryan Bolton joins host Emma-Kate Lidbury to talk about his journey to top-level coaching. A former pro and an Olympian who was a member of the very first US Olympic tri team at the Sydney Games in 2000, Bolton combines 25+ years of training and racing experience with academic knowledge to deliver intelligent and uniquely crafted coaching programs. As someone who coaches elite triathletes and elite runners from all over the world, he has a unique viewpoint on what makes a good coach—and how to get the best out of every athlete.

He talks about the importance of understanding the art of coaching, not just the science, and gives some fun insights into working with top pros such as Ben Hoffman, Heather Jackson, and Sam Long. He goes into detail about the run coaching he’s done with elite Ethiopian and Kenyan runners, and how this has helped shape the way he coaches running for triathlon. As co-author of the Triathlete Guide to Sprint & Olympic Triathlon Racing, he also chats about the training plans he wrote for this book, which is available now at