Fitter & Faster Podcast: Joe Friel & Jim Rutberg on Getting the Most from Riding Inside

No one could have predicted how big indoor cycling would become—and no one knows as much about it as these two leading endurance experts.

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In episode 11 of Fitter & Faster, endurance coaches Joe Friel and Jim Rutberg join host Emma-Kate Lidbury to talk about the indoor cycling phenomenon. As co-authors of the book Ride Inside, Friel and Rutberg have examined every aspect of indoor cycling—from the equipment and training benefits to the evolution of what is fast becoming a sport in its own right. Friel, who is the co-founder of Training Peaks and has been involved in triathlon for more than 40 years, also gives his insights into getting the most from your training (in triathlon, not just for indoor cycling), as well as how to learn from some of the biggest mistakes he sees athletes make. The show concludes with a look at the future of indoor riding and where gamification will go in the next five years.

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