Fitter & Faster Podcast: Erin Carson & Kate Ligler on the Strength Training You Need for Triathlon

Two of triathlon's leading strength and conditioning coaches talk about how to get the most from your work in the gym.

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In episode 10 of Fitter & Faster, strength and conditioning coaches Erin Carson and Kate Ligler join host Emma-Kate Lidbury to talk all things strength.

Carson and Ligler, who work with a number of top pro and age-group triathletes in the gym, give an insight into how their training helps athletes get the most from themselves and their bodies—enabling them to move better, feel better, and become more “injury-proof.”

They explain how strength work is not just lifting heavy weights and talk about the importance of mobility, stability, and flexibility too. As we approach the winter, they also chat about how to approach your off-season strength work so that you’re ready to hit 2021 feeling stronger, fitter, and faster.

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