Fitter & Faster Podcast: Cycling Coach Matt Bottrill On How To Become a Better Biker

The cycling coach and bike fit guru on how you can achieve optimal speed, aerodynamics, and power on the bike.

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In episode two of Fitter and Faster, cycling coach and bike guru Matt Bottrill joins host Emma-Kate Lidbury to talk all things bikes. He gives us an insight into the intelligent approach he takes to making triathletes the very best bikers they can be. Whether it’s training, optimizing aerodynamics, bike fit, pedaling or equipment, Bottrill leaves none of it to chance. A talented cyclist himself, he now coaches scores of age groupers and pros, and has helped the likes of Tim O’Donnell, Tim Don, and Matt Hanson find their optimal power and speed.

He talks in depth about what to look for in a good bike fit—and just how important this is if you want to fulfill your potential on two wheels, as well as pedaling effectiveness, aero drills, the key pieces of equipment you need to focus on for optimal aerodynamics, and the types of training that have worked for him and his athletes.

Bottrill brings fresh eyes to triathlon, using training methodologies that have secured him and his athletes victories and podiums aplenty in the cycling world.