Fitter and Faster Podcast: Ironman Champion Dede Griesbauer on How to Stay Fit at 50

Despite being just a few months away from her 50th birthday, Dede Griesbauer is fitter and faster than ever—and in this episode she tells us how she does it.

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In episode 3 of Triathlete’s new training podcast, Fitter and Faster, Ironman champion Dede Griesbauer joins host Emma-Kate Lidbury to talk about how she stays fit, fast, motivated, and injury-free—despite being just a few months away from her 50th birthday.
Dede is a three-time Ironman champion and Ultraman champion who broke the Ultraman world record earlier this year. In this episode, she uncovers how she still gets the most from her body, shining a light on her training, strength work, self care, sleep, and recovery.
She talks, too, about the moment at which her doctor told her that her body was “eating itself”—a turning point which forced her to reexamine her approach to fueling and nutrition.
As someone who used to work full-time (on Wall Street, no less), Dede has plenty of takeaways and tips for age-group athletes who are looking to get the most from their training while balancing life—and the aging process.