Day 5: Base Building Strength Workout for Triathletes

This 30-minute strength workout from Coach Erin Carson works on hip mobility, and building a solid foundation for healthy, fast season.

Building hip mobility will help you swim, bike, and run more efficiently and powerfully. Translation: Extra speed and endurance. Pair that with the strength-building moves in this 30-minute base building strength workout, and you’ll be on your way to setting an excellent foundation for a healthy, fast year.  

The Base Building Strength Workout

Watch videos of each element of this workout–for free!–on Carson’s app here. Download, login, go to Programs → Triathlete 30-Day Strength → Week/Workout 1. (And be prepared for a world champion or two to lead you through the moves!) 

Warm Up

Foam roll your lower legs, 1 minute on each side. Then move on to the backs of your hips, for 1 minute on each side. And roll out the middle of your back from your neck to the bottom of your ribs for 1 minute.

Main Set

Do each exercise just using your bodyweight unless otherwise noted:

2 x 8 reps on each side:
Lateral lunge to balancing on a single leg
Lateral lunge to a chest twist
Transverse lunge with a reach to your knee
Single leg Superman

1×15 reps:
Counterbalance squat and reach (with moderate weight if you’d like)

2×15 reps:
Squat and row (with moderate weight if you’d like)

2×10 reps on each side:
Lateral gliding

2×8 reps on each side:
Goblet squat with rotation (with moderate weight if you’d like)

2×15 reps:
Box squat into shoulder press (with moderate weight if you’d like)

3×8 reps:
Low hamstring curl (using an exercise ball)

2×30 seconds on each side:
Side plank