This bike workout is designed to make you feel good. You’re in control of the effort: feeling good? Then get after it! Feeling tired? Dial it back.

It’s important to learn to listen to your body, especially if you’ve been training hard and are beginning to feel fatigued. As we start the fifth and final week of the #TriathleteChallenge, we realize there’s every chance you could be feeling tired. If so, this workout gives you the option of reining in your efforts. That said, if you’re feeling fresh and fired up to get after it then you can do exactly that!

During the main set, be sure to build your effort gradually minute-by-minute, finishing with a strong effort if your legs and lungs are willing.

Feel Good Bike Set


10 minutes easy spin, gradually building effort

10 minutes high cadence work as: 

This helps promote smooth pedaling while getting your heart rate up.

Main Set

4 x 3 minutes, building effort minute by minute. If you’re feeling good, start at 75% effort and increase effort ~10% each minute so you’re finishing at a strong 90-95% effort. Equally, if you’re not feeling so fresh, don’t be afraid to dial back the effort here and go with what your body gives you. Keep your cadence between 85-90RPM.

Take 3 minutes easy between each 3-minute build effort. 


10-15 minutes easy spinning

Meet Your Coach

Emma-Kate Lidbury is a journalist and former pro triathlete with six 70.3 titles to her name. She has been involved in the sport for 15 years and—although she’s now enjoying retirement from pro racing as Managing Editor at Triathlete—she still swims, bikes, runs, and lifts as often as possible—and has plenty of cruel sessions up her sleeves for all you unsuspecting readers. During her pro career she trained under coaches such as Matt Dixon, Julie Dibens, and Gerry Rodrigues. Keep your eyes peeled for the book she wrote with Rodrigues, Triathlon Swimming, available from VeloPress later this year.