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Dave Scott’s Guide to Tackling 140.6 Miles

The six-time Ironman world champion gives his advice on how to approach Hawaii From Home.

The beauty of a virtual challenge like Hawaii From Home is that you can break it up however you like, split up over the race entire week or hitting it hard in one epic attempt. Dave Scott, the six-time Ironman World Champion, knows a thing or two about iron-distance racing. Here he gives you his advice on how to best cover the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run.

With the swims listed below, only the main sets count towards your 2.4 miles. Be sure to warm up well before beginning the main sets. Once you have completed each swim, bike, and run workout, don’t forget to add your time/data to your profile by logging into your account on the RunSignUp race registration page. You’ll also want to make sure to round up when logging yards and miles, so you don’t come up the tiniest bit short of the official distances. (The Hawaii From Home event is on the honor system, so you can either enter your workouts manually or upload a GPS file. As long as you complete all 140.6 miles and log them from Oct. 5 to 11, you’ll be considered a Hawaii From Home finisher!)

If you use a power meter, you’ll see the bike sessions below have sets at FTP efforts. If you don’t ride with power then this translates as 75-80% effort or 7-8/10 RPE (ie. Rate of Perceived Exertion).

Dave Scott’s Guide to Tackling Hawaii From Home

Swims: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Bike-Run Bricks: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Monday Swim:

Warm-up: Your choice, as needed

Main Set: (1,600 yards total)

4 x 200y – Rest 10 seconds between each, progress effort 1 – 4, ideally dropping 2-4 seconds on each one, aiming to hit 90% effort on the final one.

4 x 100y – Rest 10 seconds between each. Use the pace of your last 200y and hold this pace on each 100. Remember the 200s should roll right into this set of 100s. After #4, rest 30 seconds before the 400y.

400y – Match your 200y pace here

Cool-down: Easy swim as needed

Tuesday Brick:

Total: Bike 30 miles + Run 7.5 miles

Bike – Include 3 x 3-mile efforts @ FTP (or RPE 8/10) @ approx. miles 6, 16, and 25. Make sure your transition time is no longer than 8 minutes.

Run – Include 3 x 1200m @ RPE 8/10

Cool-down: Jog as needed

Wednesday Swim:

Warm-up: Your choice, as needed

Main Set: (1,400 yards total)

500y – Rest 15 seconds. Using your 400y time from Monday’s swim; the 500y should be slightly slower (1-2 seconds per 100y)

400 – Rest interval 15 seconds; match or better your pace from Monday’s 400y.

4 x 125 – HARD! These should be faster than the 100s from Monday.

Cool-down: Easy swim as needed

Thursday Brick:

Total: Bike 26 miles + Run 6.5 miles

Bike – Break it up into 5 x 5 miles continuous, progressing effort with each one, using either race pace or RPE to guide your intensity, meaning:

#1 is warm-up/RPE 4

#2 is Ironman pace/RPE 5+

#3 is 70.3 pace/RPE 6

#4 is Olympic distance pace/RPE 7+

#5 is Sprint distance pace/RPE 8-9

(Use the last mile to cool down)

Run – Use the same progressive pattern as on the bike, but do it as 4 x 1.5 miles, using the last half-mile as your cooldown.

Friday Swim:

Warm-up: Your choice, as needed

Main Set: (1,200 yards total)

Continuous 1,200y swim, negative split it with the 2nd 600 yfaster than 1st

Cool-down: Easy swim as needed

Saturday Brick: RACE DAY

Bike 56 miles + Run 12 miles

Negative split both, starting out patiently and conservatively in the first half, building to a strong and successful second half.  Have a planned output based on your training. Remember the goal is to maintain control of your pacing and challenge yourself, this is a real supreme test—so push yourself!

Ideally do this on a loop course or an out-and-back course. Don’t forget to stand up early on the bike and get out of the saddle to keep your body moving well.

Cooldown that last .2 miles to get your full marathon in.

Sunday: Celebrate!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Hawaii From Home virtual challenge!