Chris Leiferman and Kennett Peterson: The Kona Rookies Share Their Training Secrets

Triathlete Magazine Facebook Live AMA with Chris Leiferman and Kennett Peterson

Join us for Triathlete Magazine's Facebook Live AMA with Chris Leiferman and Kennett Peterson!

Posted by Triathlete Magazine on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

American pro triathletes Chris Leiferman and Kennett Peterson joined us on our weekly Facebook Live AMA show on Wednesday to talk all things triathlon. Chris and Kennett covered a wide range of topics including avoiding injury and overtraining, conquering the Ironman distance, and looking forward to their debuts at the Ironman World Championship. You’ll learn a lot about long-distance triathlon in this Q&A. See highlights below. (P.S. you have until midnight tonight (July 10) to enter to win Goodr sunglasses provided by JackRabbit.)

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Highlights of our AMA with Chris Leiferman and Kennett Peterson:

Minute 1: How did you get into triathlon?

Minute 3: Chris talks about managing walking in the marathon of an Ironman.

Minute 3: Kennett and Chris talk about how they mentally train for triathlon.

Minute 5: Who do you train with in Boulder? Do you train alone?

Minute 5: How do you get faster in the swim?

Minute 6: How much sleep do you get each night?

Minute 7: Kennett talks about recovering from Ironman Boulder.

Minute 8: Chris and Kennett talk about a unique experience they had with nature while riding a bike.

Minute 10: Both athletes give advice for anyone first getting into the sport.

Minute 12: Chris and Kennett talk about the importance of focusing on your own training and not overdoing it. (Find what works for you!)

Minute 13: What is the structure of your training week?

Minute 15: What keeps you motivated to perform well in sport?

Minute 17: Kennett and Chris talk about celebrating an Ironman finish.

Minute 17: The diet they each implement the month before a race. (Hint: They eat quite a bit!)

Minute 20: What do they eat the night before a race? The morning before?

Minute 21: How have you worked on your swim if it doesn’t come naturally?

Minute 22: What is your Kona buildup like?

Minute 23:  What is your hardest training session? Favorite? (Both of these athletes love the long rides!)

Minute 24: Both athletes talk about the hardest part of Ironman. (There answers are probably the same as yours!)

Minute 25: What is your “why”?

Minute 27: Kennett and Chris talk about avoiding injury.

Minute 28: Do you have a coach?

Minute 29: Do you think new athletes should have a coach?

Minute 31: Both athletes comment on the concept of training after a PR. (Go after the big performance, not the big time!)

Minute 33: The proper type of run training to do so that you don’t have to walk in a race.

Minute 34: Both athletes comment on their favorite distances.

12:35 Kennett and Chris talk about heading into Kona as underdog athletes.

12:36 Both share what the rest of their season looks like.

12:37 Kennett talks about the transition of going from being a pro cyclist to pro triathlete. “It’s two different types of suffering.”