Fitbit’s User Data Reveals Interesting Heart Health Stats

Activity, at any level, carries some quantifiable health benefits.

Using the aggregated (and anonymous) data of Fitbit users, a research team took a closer look at the health benefits of running and found that the activity, at any level, carries some quantifiable health benefits.

1 million+

Number of 2014–2015 users whose data Fitbit’s research team analyzed


How much lower the resting heart rate is of Fitbit users who run as compared to the average user who doesn’t run

0:20 per mile

Typical pace of a Fitbit runner

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0.9 BPM

How much a user’s resting heart rate lowered for every run per week

3X per week

Users who ran this often had resting heart rates 1.8 BPM lower than those who ran just once a week.

1 mile

For each mile users run in their regular running routine, their resting heart rate decreased by an additional 0.75 BPM.

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