The Best Swim Advice For Beginner Triathletes

Readers share their top tips for new swimmers.

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Readers share their top tips for new swimmers.

Coach Sara turned the tables this month and asked readers on Twitter and Facebook what tips they would share with new triathletes. Here’s what experienced triathletes would advise when starting out in the water.

“Join a Masters class, pay for one-on-one lessons and don’t skip workouts!” –Josh Wigley

“Stay away from the pack where you will get kicked, pushed, pulled and everything in between.” –Francisco J Villegas

“Know the water you will be racing in.” –Teresa Hess

“Relax. It’s only as hard as you want to make it.” –Kenyon Congdon

“When in doubt—breathe out! Keep blowing those bubbles.” –Sam Warriner

“Read the rules of the race and practice the transitions.” –@jshed79

“You are not alone in being nervous.” –@thistlechiro

“Remember that you are only racing yourself.” –@MLFotos

“Take time to train your mind with visualization.” –@GlennLHumphrey

“You can’t win it in the first 100 meters, but you can lose it!” –@Allwaystri_Club

“Prepare with as much open-water practice and experience as possible before race day!” –Mike Jotautas

“Just go do it. You won’t be first, but you won’t be last.” –@jkoslov

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