Monday Minute

Strengthen Your Back With This One-Minute Exercise

In this video Tim Crowley and friends show us the crossover lat pull, a great exercise for runners and other endurance athletes to incorporate into their strength-training routine. This exercise will help strengthen the entire back, and also helps relieve rotator cuff injuries.

Monday Minute: An Exercise To Build Core Strength

In this video, Tim Crowley and friends demonstrate the Side T Reverse Fly, a strength-training exercise for runners that combines the side bridge with the reverse fly. This exercise will build core strength and get your glute medius firing, lessening the likelihood of injury.

Monday Minute: The Hand Switch

In this video we show you the hand switch, and it’s performed exactly as the name suggests. This maneuver is going to key in on some major muscle groups including the core and shoulder muscles, all extremely important for keeping proper running form.

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Loosen Your Back With This One-Minute Exercise

Matt Fitzgerald offers up a way to loosen up the middle back. Using the thoracic spine mobilization exercise, you will loosen up your mid-spine area and gain a greater range of motion.

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Video: A Shoulder And Core Stability Exercise

In this video, Tim Crowley and friends demonstrate the side bridge runner, an exercise specific to runners that engages the glute medius and promotes both shoulder and core stability.

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Video: A Simple Upper-Body Exercise with Several Benefits

In this video, Tim Crowley and friends show us the dumbbell pushup to row, a simple exercise that has a variety of benefits. The list of muscles this compound movement does NOT challenge and condition is shorter than the list of muscles it does!

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Video: An Exercise To Improve Shoulder Health And Function

This week we show you the standing one-arm cable row, an exercise that helps improve shoulder health and function. This is a great exercise for athletes who need to improve posture or have poor arm carry due to an old injury or previous condition.

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Monday Minute: Spine Extension Using A Foam Roller

In this video, we show you an exercise called the thoracic spine extension using a foam roller. This exercise improves posture and helps to make your arms more efficient while running.

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Monday Minute: Wall Hip Flexor Mobilization

This week Eric Cressey shows us a great stretch for triathletes that will help to increase stride length. This maneuver will open up your hips and mobilize your hip flexors–deep muscles that commonly cause tightness from the hips to the knees.

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Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries With This Exercise

This week Tim Crowley and friends demonstrate the eccentric calf raise, an effective move for the prevention of calf muscle strains and Achilles tendon injuries.

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