Dear coach

6 Things Triathlon Coaches Secretly Hate

We asked six coaches: "What are the things your athletes do that are annoying, frustrating, or just plain terrible?" Here’s what they had to say.


Should I Do An Ironman?

Dear Coach: I’m a competitive age-grouper who has always done sprints and Olympic-distance races, but I feel like I should make the move to Ironman. Should I do an Ironman?

Jonathan Cane /

Use This Drill to Fix Your Kick

"When I kick, I produce very little forward motion. Why is that, and what can I do to help fix it?" - Immobile Imani

Dr. Chris Ingstad /

How to Pick Your Off-Season Goal

The off-season is an opportunity to set long-term goals, note any weaknesses, and take steps to improve in those areas.

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