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Triathlete’s 20 Best Places To Live

Written by: Triathlete’s Editors We didn’t use a scientific formula to put together this list. We didn’t worry whether or not certain areas of the country were adequately represented. We just put a few of the world’s biggest tri-geeks in a conference room and asked ourselves one question: If you were moving, and triathlon training […]


Portable Potatoes by Dr. Allen Lim

Boiled potatoes have one of the highest glycemic indexes around, which means they rapidly increase your blood sugar giving you a pretty instant burst of energy.

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World Records for the Rest of Us

Fastest marathon dressed as a hot dog? "Joggling" triathlons? Yes, these records exist, and you should go after one.

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In Heavy Rotation: Volume 3

Our editors break out their favorite, battle-tested stuff and talk about why this is their go-to gear for training, racing, and living the tri-life.