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Fuel Like A Pro

You may be surprised to learn the varied tactics, tastes and tolerances of some of our sport’s superstars.

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How Do I Choose The Right Sports Drink?

Staying hydrated is the greatest concern for an athlete looking to optimize performance, so it’s key to find a drink that works for you.

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Top 15 Moments Of The Year

Triathlete editors selected 15 of the most memorable headline-grabbing events from the 2011 season.

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Muscle Cramping 101

As we head into spring, hope springs eternal. We can count on longer days for training, a new competitive season and thankfully, warmer weather. We can also count on muscle cramping.


Proper Recovery from Ironman St. George

Ironman St. George has a notorious reputation of being the most challenging—it’s WTC’s only Ironman distance in America that doesn’t sell out. Athletes tell stories of walking their bikes up the grueling hills and suffering through a tough marathon course. With the race just a few days away, at the forefront of athletes’ minds is […]

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Muscle Cramps, Muscle Pain Causes & Treatment

Muscle cramps are annoying and sometimes debilitating during training and racing. There are several factors that can attribute to muscle pain including electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, and load placed on a muscle group.