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Multisport Menu: Bar Exam

Triathlete editors put these nutrition-packed sports bars to the taste test.

Bethany Mavis /

Breakfast Of Champions

Fuel your mornings with one of these options, which all blend perfectly with milk, yogurt or fruit, or taste great straight out of the bag.

Bethany Mavis /

Fuel Like A Pro

You may be surprised to learn the varied tactics, tastes and tolerances of some of our sport’s superstars.

Holly Bennett /

How Do I Choose The Right Sports Drink?

Staying hydrated is the greatest concern for an athlete looking to optimize performance, so it’s key to find a drink that works for you.

Pip Taylor /

Top 15 Moments Of The Year

Triathlete editors selected 15 of the most memorable headline-grabbing events from the 2011 season.

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