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Unboxed: Nuun Podium Series

Nuun's new Podium Series introduces a full line of nutritional products that's targeted to triathletes working out harder and longer that regular gym goers.

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Nuun is already fairly popular with triathletes—between their newer calorie/sodium-rich Endurance hydration/nutrition product and their basic “water-replacement” tabs that don’t actually pack a lot of caloric punch but help with electrolyte intake. The big news with Nuun is that their little tubes can now be found almost anywhere—grocery stores, outdoor retailers, etc.—but now with the introduction of their new Podium line, triathletes have something made almost specifically for them. While the regular Nuun tabs and tubes work great for adding electrolytes, they don’t have the “heft” that triathletes need before, during, or after a serious workout. With the Podium Series, Nuun has introduced two new products—Prime and Recover—and put them in a line with their Endurance offering. Prime is a pre-workout/race supplement that prepares your body for a big or long effort with ingredients that help with hydration absorption/retention and heightening your central nervous system. Recover is less earth-shattering, but like always Nuun cuts their own path with a light post-workout/race recovery mix that’s full of BCAAs, rather than just plain-old protein. The idea is that the Podium Series is a total system for Nuun fans who do serious, triathlon-level workouts—not just curing a hangover or keeping you hydrated during that 30-minute lift session at the gym. This line is for us.

Check out our video above for the full unboxing, or scroll down for some quick takeaways.

First Impressions

Nuun Prime: $35 for 20 servings

Nuun Endurance: $20 for 16 servings

Nuun Recover: $35 for 20 servings

What I Like About Nuun’s Podium Series

  1. The ingredients, as always, are basically the top of the crop. Nuun spends a lot of time and effort to make sure everything that they put into their supplements is clean, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and dairy- and soy-free.
  2. Finally triathletes can use Nuun products from start to finish. I love their little tabs and the Endurance line, but for the amount of training we do, triathletes need more before and after.
  3. Without trying Prime and Recover yet, I am encouraged by the nutrition facts: One scoop of their recovery powder is said to have an equivalent 30g of protein due to BCAAs (the actual value is more like 6g). One tiny scoop is way easier to blend/drink than two giant scoops of something equivalent—the price per serving is very reasonable too.

What Makes Me Worried About Nuun’s Podium Series

  1. All three products are very very “light” on the caloric end. Not a big deal if you’re supplementing with calories in other places like you really should be (a meal pre-workout, something else during, and a meal on the back end), but many other comparable products have at least twice the calories per serving.

Final Thoughts

  1. Usually I’m concerned about flavor, but Nuun has traditionally been light and not something that generally polarizes people, so I’m optimistic, even given the high “nature-factor” of the ingredients.
  2. I have a really good feeling about this line of products—hence the three things that I really like and only one thing I kind of don’t. As long as people recognize that the calories are relatively light, the line has pretty much everything triathletes need at a reasonable price.