Recipe Of The Week: Mushroom, Kale And Turkey Sausage Strata

Trouble fitting in breakfast? Here's an easy make-ahead recipe that will provide you with a savory breakfast all week.

Trouble fitting in breakfast? Here’s an easy make-ahead recipe that will provide you with a savory breakfast all week. A strata is great because it can be tailored to your dietary preferences, or what’s in your fridge. Leftover meats, cheeses, vegetables and herbs can easily be used in place of the ingredients listed in this recipe.  The original recipe is inspired by the seasonal ingredients of Fall.

4 heaping cups, whole-grain bread loaf, cut into ½ inch cubes (gluten-free bagels can be substituted)
3 large links turkey sausage, casing removed (about 1 heaping cup of meat)
4 packed cups kale, finely chopped
10 oz sliced crimini mushrooms
1/2 small yellow onion, finely chopped
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp garlic
1 tsp fresh thyme, finely chopped
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
½ cup grated parmesan
8 eggs
4 egg whites
1 ¼ cup unsweetened, almond milk (or milk or soy milk)

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Prepare a 9×13 inch baking dish with non-stick cooking spray.

2. Evenly spread the bread cubes in the bottom of the baking dish.

3. In an extra large sauté pan, cook the turkey sausage over medium-high heat, breaking apart with a wooden spoon. Cook the sausage through, about 8-10 minutes.

4. Remove the sausage to a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb the excess grease.

5. Without washing the pan, keep the heat on medium high and add the olive oil, onion, salt and pepper.  Saute for about 10 minutes, until very soft. Then add the garlic and thyme and sauté another 1-2 minutes.

6. Add the mushrooms and kale to the pan and cook until the kale is wilted, about 4-5 minutes. Add the turkey sausage back to the mixture.

7. Pour the mixture over the bread cubes in the baking dish. Then sprinkle the Parmesan over the top of the mixture.

8. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, egg whites and milk. Pour over the ingredients in the baking dish and push the mixture down into the bread, so the bread starts to absorb the egg and milk.

9. The best method is to let the bread absorb the mixture for about 30 minutes before baking.  If you are short on time you can skip this step.

10. Bake at 375 degrees for 40-45 minutes, until the strata is baked through and the top is golden.

11. Let cool at least 10 minutes. Cut into 6-10 pieces, depending on your appetite.  The strata can easily be reheated in a toaster oven or microwave.

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Jessica Cerra is the owner of Fit Food by Jess, a private chef and catering company in Encinitas, Calif.  She is also a professional Xterra triathlete and mountain biker.  Follow Jess’ recipes on her “Fit Food by Jess” Facebook page.

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