6 Smart Snacks for Triathletes

Next time you’re hungry in between meals or need a quick pre- or post-training snack, opt for one of these.

While snack foods might be convenient, the packaged and processed options tend to encourage more snacking while not adding much nutrient-wise. Next time you’re hungry in between meals or need a quick pre- or post-training snack, opt for one of these.

7 oz Greek yogurt + half-cup fresh blueberries (200 calories)
High in protein, natural fats and probiotics, Greek yogurt is a staple in many athletes’ kitchens. Stick to a natural, full-fat yogurt (to better satiate) and add your own sweetness and antioxidant boost by topping with fresh blueberries, which have also been shown to support heart, brain and eye health.

1 oz corn chips + 2 oz guacamole (200 calories)
Chips and dip might feel indulgent, but this classic combo (in moderation) should be enjoyed guilt-free. Avocadoes, packed with healthy fats, vitamins K, C and E plus potassium and magnesium, are highly nutritious and satisfying. For the best quick guacamole, combine mashed avocado, cilantro, lime juice, chili powder, salt and pepper. Serve with a handful of natural corn chips or veggie sticks.

1 oz cheese + 1 medium pear (200 calories)
This sweet and salty combo also makes for a great pre- or post-workout snack with the carbohydrate-rich pear and small amount of protein and fats from the cheese. Go with a full-flavored natural cheddar for maximum flavor and nutrition.

2 stalks of celery + 1.5 T almond butter (170 calories)
Celery sticks and peanut butter might be a classic pairing, but almond butter is rich in vitamin E, manganese and magnesium as well as being high in protein and healthy fats. Crunchy celery is packed with vitamin K and fiber.

4 salmon nigiri (180 calories)
Supermarket sushi can make a great meal or the perfect athlete snack. Packed with carbohydrates, protein and omega-3 fats, sushi makes a convenient and low-calorie option. A low-cal veggie alternative is the cucumber roll (133 calories).

3 oz chicken + 1 T mayo + 1 lettuce leaf (190 calories)
Baked, smoked or poached, chicken is a smart go-to snack for warding off hunger, as protein is the most satiating of the macronutrients. Have it by itself, or for more flavor add a little mayo or mustard and wrap into a lettuce leaf.