Race Fueling

Pro Linsey Corbin Shares Her Ironman Fueling Plan

Pro Linsey Corbin shares her go-to fueling plan for long-distance racing.

Pro Linsey Corbin shares her go-to fueling plan for long-distance racing.

Linsey Corbin, 35

After a year of being sidelined by injury, Corbin put an exclamation mark on her pro racing comeback with a second-place finish at Ironman Cairns in June, where she secured her spot on this year’s Kona start line. Corbin, a proclaimed foodie and microbrew enthusiast, has followed this fueling plan since her first Ironman in 2006.

Pre-race dinner

Grilled chicken, rice, sweet potato and cottage cheese. “This is a good source of carbs and protein, easy to digest and usually easy to find when traveling,” says Corbin. “I also drink a light beer or glass of wine if I feel like I need to relax. Dessert is dark chocolate or Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups!” Corbin also eliminates all fiber and veggies starting at lunchtime the day before the event, and she prefers to eat her pre-race dinner earlier than normal (around 5:30 p.m.).

Race morning and throughout the race

3 hours before the race: Whey protein shake, 1–2 cups of applesauce, 1 CLIF Bar (Sierra Trail Mix), 1 bottle of CLIF electrolyte drink (Cran-Razz)

30 minutes before the race
1 CLIF Double Expresso Shot
(100 mg caffeine)

During the race

On the bike: 2 bottles of sports drink per hour (can vary depending on the conditions), 1 CLIF Shot gel every 30 minutes

On the run: Sports drink, cola or water at each aid station, 1 CLIF Blok each mile (Tropical Punch)


Burger, French fries, chocolate milk shake and a cold (local) beer!