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July/August 2020 Current Issue Content

Ask a Gear Guru

Every week senior editor Chris Foster provides answers to triathletes’ most common gear questions. He dives into what you need to know about the topic and then provides his top picks. Categories range from socks to trail shoes to indoor cycling fans.

5 Exercises to Help Ward Off Knee Pain

Strengthening these supplementary muscles in your legs will give you the best chance of avoiding a knee injury.

Recipe: Linsey Corbin’s Overnight Yeasted Whole Wheat Waffles

Professional triathlete, foodie, and amateur chef Linsey Corbin has been sharing some of her favorite recipes from her food website, Hazel & Blue. Corbin loves these waffles because they freeze well and help carb-loading ahead of a big effort.

Club Hub

Every month we’re highlighting triathlon clubs from around the globe. Will yours be next?

Open-Water Swimming in the Time of COVID-19

Preparation and practice are the primary components for a safe open-water swim. Here’s how to gear up before hopping in.