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I’m senior editor Chris Foster, and I’ll be your guide through the ever-changing world of triathlon gear and technology.

I’ll use a combination of my ten years as a pro triathlete—where I had an opportunity to use and abuse some pretty sweet stuff—and my experience as a former bike mechanic to give you a unique perspective on the gear and tech that’ll make you get from the gun to the finish line as fast as possible.

Here, I’ll hand-pick only the most relevant pieces of tri paraphernalia and leave the rest by the wayside; I’ll dig into our vast library of expertly written reviews, roundups, extended tests, how-tos, and product launches to help you stay informed and on the cutting edge of our sport.

After reading each installment, please check in via social media to let the reader community what pieces of gear you love (and hate) and any of your own pro tips and tricks to make your multisport life faster, safer, and more comfortable!

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