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Unboxed: Giordana FR-C Pro Tri Doppio Suit

Giordana's new FR-C Pro Tri Doppio Suit ticks all of the boxes for what you'd want in a new suit and adds a few features we never even thought about.

Ironically enough, this year has seen a big amount of new and interesting tri race suits—despite a lack of racing. Giordana’s entry into the tri world, the FR-C Pro Tri Doppio (yeah, that’s a mouthful) is another great option for triathletes who might still be doing bricks, DIY tris, micro-races, or even those lucky enough to race. The FR-C Pro is a mid- to upper-end tri suit with a ton of details, some very nice fabric, and a one-piece/two-piece system that seems to be a defining feature in today’s tri suits. Zip-down aside, this suit has an interesting aloe-impregnated chamois, lots of unique fabric panels, and an interesting approach to pockets. Without cracking the $300 mark of supersuits, there’s still a lot to love on a great first try from Giordana.

Check out our video above for the full unboxing, or scroll down for some quick takeaways.

First Impressions

Giordana FR-C Pro Tri Doppio Suit: $270;

What I Like About Giordana’s FR-C Pro Tri Doppio Suit

  1. Really lightweight fabric through the top, mesh armpits, and compression through the legs
  2. A fully convertible top detaches from the bottom in the front, making it easy to drop down.
  3. Four tiny pockets instead of one or two large ones

What Makes Me Worried About Giordana’s FR-C Pro Tri Doppio Suit

  1. The lightweight top could get a little chilly for non super-hot races.
  2. The mesh in the armpits could create friction.
  3. It’s unclear, but this suit might work best with a skin suit…we’ll test and see.

Final Thoughts

  1. This is a great-looking suit with some really cool features, and I like the fact that Giordana put so much thought into this new suit.
  2. It’s surprising that a decidedly cycling brand is thinking outside the box, but some of the features on this suit are truly novel.
  3. Previously, a lot of this tech was on even more expensive suits, so this a good sign for competition to lower prices.