Unboxed: The New Super Floaty Roka Maverick MX

The brand new Maverick MX wetsuit from Roka is created for the beginner to intermediate triathlete looking to spend a little more money for some extra buoyancy in strategic spots. Based around their Maverick Elite model, consider this a beefed-up version with added neoprene, particularly in the arms. Whereas most wetsuits in this price range use 5mm neoprene throughout the chest, 4mm and 3mm throughout much of the body, and 1-2mm neoprene in the arms, the Maverick MX uses only 5/4/3mm throughout. While this could inhibit arm movement, Roka claims their unique “Arms Up” design helps reduce shoulder strain.

Check out our video below for the full unboxing, or scroll down for some quick takeaways.

First Impressions

$500, Roka.com

What I Like About The Roka Maverick MX

  1. The extra floatation is great for those swimmers who need more buoyancy throughout (think former runners or cyclists). More lift in the water generally equates to more speed, so for those with “sinky parts,” this is a good mid- to high-end option.

What Makes Me Worried With The Roka Maverick MX

  1. The arms are crazy thick, even through the shoulders. Roka’s “Arms Up” design is great, but I still worry about them being restrictive.
  2. For a beginner-focused wetsuit, $500 seems like a lot. That said, there are plenty of seasoned triathletes who need more floatation, so maybe saying this is “beginner focused” isn’t quite accurate.
  3. This is a very heavy wetsuit due to all of that rubber. While it will float you, there’s something to be said for something lightweight. I’d also expect to be quite warm in the Maverick MX.

Final Thoughts

  1. A super buoyant wetsuit is a great idea for those who know it’ll help them a ton, but it shouldn’t be a quick fix for poor body posture—drills and tech work should be a line of first defense.
  2. A proper test of the Maverick MX will show if all of that extra neoprene creates more problems than it solves.