Stroke Science: Garmin Swim

Garmin Swim measures every stroke of every lap of every interval in a swim workout.

A pool is the most controlled, consistent environment to train in for any of the triathlon sports. Yet a swim workout is the hardest to analyze for the simple reason that recording splits—or any other workout data—is difficult while soaking wet. Garmin Swim fixes that problem. It measures every stroke of every lap of every interval in a swim workout so you can record and analyze a workout to truly judge and improve your swim efficiency.

Checking the pool clock only shows your interval times; it doesn’t reveal when your form breaks down. Garmin Swim not only records splits, but it also counts the number of strokes needed for each length of the pool. You may be able to hold your interval for a few more repeats once that number goes up, but efficiency is shot. We found the watch’s design to be intuitive, and reviewing workouts on the computer is both easy and informative.

Finis Swimsense and Garmin’s 910XT triathlon watch both record similar swim data, but Garmin Swim is the only one that doesn’t have to be regularly charged. With a slim body, Swim can double as a casual walk-around watch, or live in a swim bag waiting for your next workout.

$150, Garmin.com

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