Roka Maverick X

The Draw: Unparalleled Rotational Aid

For $925, we expect a suit to be perfect, and the 2018 X doesn’t disappoint. It looks badass, yes, but it’s also loaded with features that make it hard to find fault with ROKA’s claim that it’s the “fastest suit ever.” The X feels like it’s spring loaded, encouraging quick, effortless rotation that will delight swimmers with “flat” or expert form alike. Flat swimmers will find instant improvement in their stroke mechanics; everyone will save core strength, so you can use it later on to crush the run. Shoulder rotation is virtually unimpeded, with flexible arms, and a comfortable neckline. Buoyancy is neutral, so if you’re a big hip dragger, the only thing you may wish this suit has is more lift in the hips. Super easy off out of the water, the X comes in 10 sizes to help you find the perfect fit. Our tester declared they’d wear it for any race distance.


Review by James Wills