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A Lens for Every Condition

Aquasphere’s new initiative, A Lens for Every Condition, helps you pick a lens specific to your training or racing light conditions.

Born from the world of scuba diving in 1998, Aquasphere has since grown into the premium swim optics manufacturer for swimmers and triathletes. Their wide range of swim goggles can be found protecting the eyes of athletes all over the world. From professional triathletes to recreational swimmers, Aquasphere has tailored their goggles to support your form and functional needs in the water.

Tim O’Donnell, professional triathlete and Aquasphere athlete of 10+ years, thinks it’s very important to have different goggles and lens for training and racing conditions. “I use quite a few different goggles for training, but race day is all about grabbing the pair that will provide the best vision and clarity,” O’Donnell said. “Always preparing for the conditions is the hardest to manage. You want to utilize the lens and the goggle that gives you the assurance for success in not just racing but training as well.”

Aquasphere’s new initiative, A Lens for Every Condition, addresses the variable lighting conditions athletes encounter during training sessions and race environments. Now you can choose from Aquasphere’s 12 different lens types to have a better visual experience at all your future swims. Whether you have a favorite product or are looking for one that meets your swimming needs, the Aquasphere lens options are designed so you have the perfect product for every lighting condition.

Mirrored & Titanium Lenses

Mirrored lenses look like sunglasses, with shiny and reflective lenses, and are designed to be used as such while swimming. A pair of Vista Pro or Kayenne goggles equipped with over four mirrored lens options will be your best choice for swimming on bright sunny days. If any of your swim training takes place outside (open water races, lunch-time swim practice, weekend trips, etc.), you need a mirrored lens in your arsenal.

The Gold Titanium and Silver Mirror lenses are designed to reflect and block the harsh sun’s light and UV rays, darkening your vision and protecting your eyes. The Pink, Red Orange, and Blue Titanium lenses block the sun and enhance your vision. The colored mirror lenses are able to increase the color contrast of course buoys and pool markers during open water and outdoor pool races when accuracy is essential.

Some indoor pools are brightly lit and the Aquasphere mirrored lenses are not limited to outdoor swimming. Use the newest pair of low-profile, eye socket Fastlane goggles, just released in March, with reflective mirrored lenses to protect your sleepy eyes at morning practice when the glare of the overhead or underwater pool lights are too intense.

Polarized Lenses

Similar to the mirrored options, Aquasphere’s polarized lenses are ideal for outdoor use in all types of sunny conditions. Polarization technology filters out the sun’s horizontal rays, reduces glare and reflection, and improves visibility by allowing your eyes to relax. This is the best lens choice for swimming on partly sunny days when the light conditions are constantly shifting from bright to overcast as the clouds pass overhead.

The Green polarized lens, found in the Kayenne goggle line, is notable for increasing color contrast and helping course buoys stand out in a landscape of unicolored sky and water. The Kaiman Exo and Kayenne goggles offer the Brown polarized lens that is best used when swimming in the late afternoon as the sun is approaching the horizon and directly in line with your eyes.

Tinted Lenses

The tinted lenses from Aquasphere come in Smoke (filters the most light without distorting colors), Amber (great for boosting visibility in low light settings), and Blue (the clearest tint with limited filtering). Choose one of these lenses, paired with the Fastlane or the Vista goggles, for indoor training in low light conditions when you need maximum visibility in the water. Many indoor pools are poorly lit and you want all of the available light to see and judge your distance to the next wall.

Aquasphere also offers a wide range of children’s goggles, including the Kayenne Jr and the flagship Seal Kid 2, with tinted lens. The Blue lens options will block the glare from the sun or overhead lights and let the little athletes stay focused in the water.

Clear Lenses

When visibility and light conditions are extremely poor, a Clear lens is your best choice. Like the tinted options above, the Clear lens is best for indoor swimming, early morning swims, and even stormy or nighttime swims on the rare occasion. This lens option is available in almost all the Aquasphere goggle product lines and should be an equipment option in every athlete’s training bag. It is also an option for all the children’s products and the only choice for the Eagle prescription goggles.

The Clear lens is also the best go-to lens for unknown conditions. If you are only buying one pair or only packing one pair, the clear lens is a smart choice. Even if you have a squint a bit more in bright conditions, you have the confidence that you will always be able to see in low light situations.

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