4 Unique Swim Tools You Haven’t Tried

We take a look at four of our favorites.

There’s no better time than the off-season to work on your technique in the water. Fortunately, there are a wide array of gadgets out there to help maximize pool time and make you a better swimmer than the season before.

AquaVolo Headliner

$20, Aquavolo.com
Helps with: Fixing unnecessary head movements in your stroke technique

The Headliner does exactly what it is designed for: head-stability drills. Instead of putting your paddle on your head and trying to keep an uneven-shaped object in place while swimming, the symmetrical Headliner has felt pieces to hold it in place against your cap. This is an excellent tool for those who struggle to maintain an even head position, and experienced testers confirmed the Headliner stays in place as directed.

Finis Posture Trainer

$16, Amazon.com
Helps with: Head position awareness, but nearly unlimited use with a little creativity

Tactile feedback is a great tool in the water for technique adjustment. The Posture Trainer sits on the back of your head, held in place with a simple goggle strap, and touches the back of your neck when your head lifts too high. It can also be used in reverse by swimmers with low head position, by asking them to elevate their head and maintain the Posture Trainer contact. Swimmers with large ponytails will need to adjust their hair before putting the device in place.


$150, Amazon.com
Helps with: Focusing underwater rather than on getting your next breath

The Powerbreather is a redesigned swim snorkel that prevents rebreathing your exhaled air and stops water and waves from entering the breathing tubes. It comes with three vent options that easily slide on the ends to create different levels of respiratory resistance (making it easier or harder to breathe). As advertised, the Powerbreather will take more than one swim to master, especially the “dry flip turns,” but testers liked the comfortable head fit system—like a helmet twist-locking system—which always kept the mouthpiece secure and stable.

Eney Buoy

$32, Eneybuoy.com
Helps with: Training different body buoyancy positions in the water

Toss out your old foam buoy, and immediately replace it with the Eney Buoy, “the last swim buoy you’ll ever own!” The thin middle segment is more comfortable between your legs, and testers experienced less slipping due to the hard-plastic surface. Both sides of the buoy are hollow and provide endless buoyancy options—testers had fun filling the sides with water and swimming with seven pounds of resistance or emptying the water and riding high and fast on the surface.