The Draw: It Practically Swims for You

Think of this suit like a secret weapon, picking up any slack you may have in your stroke to turn you into a veritable bullet in the water. The most noticeable advantage: It aids rotation wonderfully. If you’re a “flat” swimmer, you’ll appreciate how it keeps you in a more optimal side-swimming position.

Ample buoyancy in the hips, torso, and legs make sighting more e cient, and this thing comes o crazy fast. The one feature you’ll either love or hate: A large amount of buoyancy in the forearms favors— almost forces—a long, gliding stroke. If you’re a punchy stroker, you’ll find yourself fighting this suit. If you need help maximizing your distance per stroke, you’ll love it. Incredible flexibility throughout the arms, shoulders, and the rest of the suit—combined with its other attributes—earned this suit top marks.


*Best in Class*

Review by Sara McLarty