Reviewed: Cotopaxi Monte Hybrid Jacket

Relative newcomer to the outdoor scene, Cotopaxi combines some excellent, affordable gear with a level of eco-consciousness that other brands are only beginning to develop.

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A fashion-forward jacket with an environmental backstory


Core insulation, earth-friendly, lifestyle


Neck exposure, short cut




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Though they’ve only been around since 2014, Cotopaxi has made a name for itself with a conscious-first attitude to developing gear that not only looks good, but does good. Cotopaxi makes a big effort to source as environmentally friendly materials as possible, while simultaneously selling gear that is functional and somehow thrifty.

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With Cotopaxi’s Monte Hybrid jacket, you can feel the way one does when driving a hybrid car, knowing you are having less of an impact on the Earth. Maybe more wholesome or even crunchy, given this jacket’s 100% recycled polyester shell and lining and 59% Polartec Alpha active insulation. 

The Monte Hybrid provides a functional level of body warmth without setting you up to overheat once you’ve hit your stride, generating a full output level. And, should you start to sweat, the Hybrid is designed to release any extra heat with zoned panels that help with moisture and thermal management, as well as the athletic stretch and comfort of the fleece. The plastic zipper is not only eye pleasing but it doesn’t freeze to your chin the way metal zippers do. 

If it is wicked cold, you’ll need to sport a hat and neck gaiter along with the Monte Hybrid because it’s neckline doesn’t have much in the way of face protection and the jacket is hoodless. The fit is trim and although the sleeves have thumb holes in the cuffs, they may be short enough that they aren’t easy to use while running—so be sure to go a size larger if you have long swimmers’ arms.