Find The Perfect Pair of Running Socks (For You)

Socks are gear not worth worrying too much about—until painful blisters or cold toes make it all but impossible to ride or run.

If you’re like most athletes, you probably don’t put as much thought into your socks as you do other pieces of your race-day wardrobe—that is, until painful blisters or cold toes make it all but impossible to ride or run. The right socks can make all the difference in comfort and performance, and many technical socks are specially-designed to address the unique needs of endurance athletes. Thanks to these innovative sock solutions, it’s never been easier to find your perfect pair.

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Problem: Toe Blisters

Solution: Injinji Ultra Run


​To eliminate blisters, you’ve got to eliminate friction. These unique socks envelop each toe, eliminating skin-on-skin contact between the toes to prevent blisters. Though they may add time to some transitions, the added seconds may be worth it for those athletes who experience debilitating blisters on the run.

Problem: Sweaty Feet

Solution: Drymax Running Lite-Mesh

“Moisture-wicking” may not be enough to prevent blisters caused by sweaty feet—after all, simply pulling the moisture away from skin means little if it has no way to evaporate inside the shoe. Search for a fabric that both wicks and contains sweat, making moisture management a cinch.

Problem: Water from the Outside

Solution: Lorpen T3 Trail Running Ultra Light

If rain is in the forecast (or you’re the type who likes to douse yourself with water and ice on a hot day), opt for a sock that manages moisture on two fronts: hydrophilic, which pulls moisture away from the foot, and hydrophobic, which repels water and keeps the foot from getting wet. Lorpen’s T-Series line utilizes three super-thin layers that work together to absorb sweat from the inner layer and block water from the outside.

Problem: Malodor Maladies

Solution: Balega Silver

Silver isn’t just for finisher-medal bling anymore. As it turns out, the element is a perfect addition to textiles, too. Chock-full of antimicrobial properties, silver yarns thwart the bacteria and fungi that make your sweaty feet smell…well, like sweaty feet.

Problem: Longevity & Durability

Solution: Icebreaker Run+ Light Mini

If it feels like you’re constantly buying new socks to replace holey, stretched-out pairs, consider investing in a pair made to last. Super-durable fabric blends featuring merino wool, nylon, and lycra aid in durability and shape retention, no matter how hard you (or your washer/dryer) are on your socks.

Problem: Slip-Sliding in the Toebox

Solution: Nikegrip Elite Lightweight No-Show

For those who want to feel super-secure in their footwear, opt for a sock with anti-friction yarns designed to grip the insole of the shoe. This allows for comfort in shoes with bigger toeboxes without the need for a super-tight lacing system, which can cause circulation issues or chafing on the arch or top of the foot.

Problem: Heel Slippage

Solution: Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex ¼ Ultra-Light Cushion

When no-show socks slip beneath the heel counter of a run shoe, it’s annoying at best and chafe-tastic at worst. Instead, opt for a quarter-length sock, which extends just above the shoe upper to stay in place. An ultra-light, breathable Coolmax fabric ensures the extra material feels supportive, not stifling.

Problem: Cold Toes

Solution: Cloudline ¼ Top Running Sock

These aren’t your grandma’s wool socks—today’s Merino wool blends offer all the warmth of thick wool socks in a lightweight, breathable package. Wool run socks can also pull double duty in your bike shoes when temperatures dip, keeping you warm without constricting toe movement.

Problem: Foot Pain

Solution: Thorlo Experia Multi-Sport

A little padding can go a long way in keeping a runner pain-free, especially for those with low volume of natural fat pads in the ball and hell of the feet. In choosing a sock with added cushioning, high-quality moisture management fabrics become even more important, lest the soft place to land becomes a soggy, squishy mess.

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