Reviewed: Decathlon Aptonia Team Trisuit

We review the Decathlon Aptonia Team Trisuit as part of our 2020 race kit roundup.

Decathlon Aptonia Team Trisuit


The Aptonia suit is a “no fuss, no frills” trisuit that’s a great option for the beginner triathlete racing shorter distances. The suit is made from tight-fitting yet comfortable, breathable material that moves with you and feels good. It dries quickly and while not as stylish as a suit like the Dixie Devil offering, the colorways are bright and clean. Unlike the DeSoto and the Dixie Devil suits, your shoulders are left exposed with this one, so it’s definitely not designed with aerodynamics front-of-mind, but at this price point, that’s no surprise! While it lacks the bells and whistles of more expensive suits, it has plenty of basics: a full-length front zip, a thin-yet-comfortable chamois, silicone grippers on the legs, and a small energy pocket on the right leg. For this price, that’s truly remarkable, making this suit a perfect option for someone just coming into the sport who might be unsure (a) if they want to invest in expensive gear and (b) what style of race kit is going to work for them. As it’s a suit that’s designed specifically for short-course racing, there’s definitely not the pocket/storage capability for more than a gel or two (there are no rear pockets). The zipper that runs through the front of the suit is easy to grab on the fly and can be simply adjusted when you’re out running. It even has a zipper garage, which helps prevent chafing and is a feature usually only seen on mid to higher-end suits. The chamois is superb–lightweight, quick-drying, thin but comfortable. When it comes to buying gear, Decathlon is really helping to bring down the cost of entry into triathlon and this suit is a perfect example. If you’re new to the sport or racing on a budget, you simply won’t find anything that comes close to this suit for this price.

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