Resilience CBD Cream

Not all cannabidiol (or CBD) creams are created equal.

In fact, no triathlete should even think about using any CBD products—oral or otherwise—that contain THC, as this is a banned substance under USA Triathlon rules. Even in the world of non-THC CBD products, only a few are made specifically for athletes like Resilience’s. This Resilience CBD Cream contains no THC and a soothing (and very very minty) blend of CBD, eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, arnica, and shea butter to help relieve light muscle soreness and inflammation.

Resilience CBD Cream works best on smaller muscles and tendons closer to the surface of the skin, while they do have an oral tincture that likely works better on more general concerns like sleep and anxiety. Don’t expect this (or any CBD) cream to be a cure-all, but it certainly works well in many common areas for triathlete complaints.

From $40,