Ornot House

The Draw: California-Cool Style

You could look frumpy and dated on the group ride… Ornot. Putting on this kit from San Francisco-based upstart Ornot instantly made us feel like one of the cool kids. But hip aesthetics mean zilch if the kit doesn’t perform. Gratefully, this one rose to the occasion on multiple outings. The jersey has a just-right cut—neither baggy nor having the appearance of being painted on—and feels silky against the skin with its slightly longer short sleeves. The bibs, made of a Nylon-Lycra blend, struck a delicate balance between feeling snug and accommodating. The chamois capably cushioned a four-hour mountain bike session that had us all over the saddle. The attention to detail really shines in this kit.

$140 jersey, $165 bibs (men’s)

Review by Julia Beeson Polloreno