Goodr BFGs Sunglasses

Ridiculously fun performance sunglasses without the ridiculous price tag.

The polarized lenses on these Goodr BFGs Sunglasses are superb and the frames are well designed so they don’t bounce or slip as you log those run and ride miles. Goodr has a wide range of sunglasses, categorized for run, bike, golf, and “beast” mode (“for those with that extra grit”), and almost every pair has a zany sounding name. It’s not often you find sunglasses called ‘Whiskey Shots with Satan’ or ‘Swedish Meatball Hangover’. The folks at Goodr don’t seem to take themselves too seriously—but they have a product that’s seriously fun and functional. We’ve covered plenty of run miles in our Goodrs and have only good things to say—and at this price, it’s more than possible to buy a pair to match most of your run outfits. These Goodr BFGs Sunglasses are the perfect Free Spirit stocking stuffer.