The Draw: Best All-Around Triathlete Watch

When it comes to features and functions for triathletes, no watch is as deep as Garmin’s Forerunner 935. The 935 continues to build upon past units like the 920XT and 910XT by adding in an optical heart-rate sensor, alongside advanced training load and recovery metrics from FirstBeat (a company that basically specializes in nothing but training-load metrics). The optical HR sensor inside the 935 is updated to record every second, 24/7, providing you with data about more than just your workout. And while some might see the Fenix 5 as top dog, the 935 doesn’t su er from some of the same hardware sensor connectivity issues that the Fenix 5 does. However, it still retains all of the features of the Fenix 5—giving you the best of both worlds.


*Best in Class*

Review by Ray Maker