Buff CoolNet UV+

This lightweight, super versatile Buff is from the CoolNetUV+ range, which is ideal for athletes who spend a lot of time in the sun.

This Buff CoolNet UV+ is 95-percent recycled, easy to clean, comfortable, and approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, thanks to its UPF50 rating. It comes in a number of colors and styles, so you’re bound to find one that your favorite triathlete will like. As the Buff is 100 percent seamless, it’s extremely comfortable and, according to Buff, can be worn in 12 different ways (although we’re still experimenting with that!). This Buff Coolnet UV+ is a versatile piece of kit, that’s for sure, and ideal to wear as a neck gaiter on the bike during the colder months or as a headband while running to keep hair in place and sweat out of your eyes.